Our own, home-brewed, night game: "Bounties!" is happening again!
6:30-10:00 10/14/23
-Students are encouraged to wear dark and warm clothes since they will need to be outside and it's beneficial to go unseen and they will be outside in October. Students should bring flashlights
-If any Parents at PEFC want to participate as targets in Bounties please contact pastor Caleb!

**Basic Game Rules**
-Students form teams, receive a clue to who their target is, find and capture said target, then bring that target to HQ.
-Targets are all adult leaders and students are allowed to ask targets questions to assist in  their investigation (though the only questions that Targets have to answer truthfully are yes or no questions).
-All members of a  Team must be present to earn points when a team brings a target to HQ.
-Students will have to avoid the guard patrolling the building, if the guard catches students in the beam of his or her flashlight that student has to go to the jail where the jailer will keep them for whatever time the jailer sees fit! (or release them early for good behavior)
after an hour the game ends,  points are calculated, and prizes are given!