Gospel Neighborning Initiative:

Gospel Neighboring is one of the unique core values that we have here at PEFC. Below are some thoughts we have as a Gospel Neighboring Coaching Team in regards to the "why" of Gospel Neighboring.

Our Goal in Gospel Neighboring:
Gospel Neighboring is vulnerably partnering with God as we connect with our "Nearest Neighbor."

Why is Gospel Neighboring Important?
Gospel Neighboring is important because intentional relationships are at the heart of the Gospel.

Check Out the resources below to join in on our May-July Initiative

More Resources are Coming Soon!

Have some Questions or Suggestion for our team?

Would you like to have a more personal conversation in regards to how you can live out Gospel Neighboring? 

Feel free to contact the church office or one of our Gospel Neighbor Coaches: Ronda and Kevin McGinty, Zayne Horak, Anna Oakes, Robyn Meyer, Pastor Caleb, Pastor John and Anna Patnode.